Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate Campaign

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Finance/Fundraising Intern
Student: Government/History Senior

For the last 3 to 4 month I have spent 15 hours a week working at the Ted Cruz for Senate offices. From 8:30AM until 2PM I would spend time in the office doing anything from making phone calls about upcoming fundraising events to processing credit cards to sending out invitations to compiling FEC Reports.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would take the elevator the 6 flights up in the Vaughn Building to our Campaign Office. Our offices were small with people and their desks crammed into wherever they could fit. Our Finance Office would have our Finance Director and our other two full time Finance employees plus myself crammed into one room.

When I get into the office in the morning there are usually a couple of tasks for me already on my desk. If we have an event coming up in the next couple of days I can almost guarantee I’ll be making follow up phone calls trying to nail down the RSVP list for the event. If not then I may be logging new donors into our database, or doing research on potential donors and their giving history in past elections. On Fridays I usually spend the afternoon logging and processing credit card donations that we’ve received.

My campaign like most other campaigns operate on a tight budget, so my internship is unpaid. Like other internships there is also a certain amount of freedom given to me when I am in the office working. I am responsible for managing my own time, and completing projects on time. If I have completed my work for the day I am ultimately the one responsible for asking for more work.

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