Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Delta Delta Delta

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Research Intern
Student: History Junior

The internship I took on this semester, and am still in the process of working on, was a very special one, involving different circumstances that the average internship. I was informed about the position through my sorority, and have been working for the Executive Offices of our sorority to research and put together a commemorative book on one hundred years of history of my sorority on campus here at the University of Texas-- a once in a life opportunity. As a result I have become the leading expert on Theta Zeta Tri Delta’s history, a neat feeling for a possibly aspiring historian.

Unlike a typical internship, I more or less created my own tasks to complete, and decided which direction I wanted to take the research in. Since the Executive Offices are based out in Arlington, I worked most of the time at the Texas Exes Alumni Center, where I was given great resources to work with – such as access to every edition of the Cactus. They were quite trustworthy and let me take books home to continue research outside of work hours and do my scanning with my personal scanner, for better convenience. After about a month’s time, I completed and published a web survey that was sent out to all of our alumni and current members to fill out, and I got nearly two hundred responses to aid with my research. The bulk of this project has involved research – much of which I have had to take the liberty myself of digging up – much of it unknown, even to alumni. I have begun the process of putting together my research into text and selecting which pictures will be place in the book.

My supervisor Liz has kept tabs on me via email and some Skype sessions, and given me direction with respect to the number of pages the book will have, and how to get high quality images. Even more helpful however, has been the historian at the Executive Office who has provided be with some great information that will help enhance the book.

As a specific internship, this one will probably not be available again. But in respect to researching, interpreting, and putting together historical information – if this is something you think may interest you – I highly advise you give it a chance! It has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever held.

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