Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Discovery Communications

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Sox Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Discovery Communications was an excellent place to work at as an intern. They are very welcoming and know the importance of having an internship. Some employees at Discovery were Discovery interns at some point in their lives which gives a sense of the work environment here. The working environment is friendly and makes you seem welcome. Discovery Communications was open to any questions I had and made sure that I would not feel like a shadow of my supervisor. The first week I was at Discovery they already had projects set up for me. Gradually, I learned more and more and my supervisor continued to challenge me with even more difficult projects. My projects required me to interact with employees from other divisions of the company and most of them I consider friends now.

The director of the internship program pushed the interns to network and would hold weekly networking events to get us to mingle with one another. Some of my fondest memories at Discovery involve the speaker events the Director put together specifically for the interns. We listened to V.P’s of various divisions within the Corporation as well as David Zazlov (CEO of Discovery Communications) and got the chance to talk about what they did to be successful amongst one another and sometimes with the speaker him/herself. Discovery’s Commitment to their internship program is outstanding. They do everything they can to help their interns; the intern just has to act upon it.

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