Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Fox Filmed Entertainment

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: English Senior
Position: Development Intern

The lot of 20th Century Fox is a wonderful place to work because there may be several departments and producers there, but it feels very small and safe, with people from all departments knowing and working with each other. My own small part of this world was the Executive building, also known as 88, where development and marketing have their homes.

My typical day would begin around 9:30 am, when I would arrive and get the intern office keys from our coordinator. I would open the office and send an e-mail to alert the other assistants that I was there are ready to work. My morning would most often be spent running errands that had to be done for that morning or afternoon, such as copying, sending out internal mail, taking books or scripts to various other places on the lot, like the Xerox or print shops. Often I would read scripts if there was not very much work for me, or help organize supply closets or files. I enjoyed this work because it gave me a chance to talk with the assistants and get to know what they do and what they would like to be doing.

If I did not have a meeting or seminar at lunch, I would go to the various restaurants on the lot, sometimes with other interns or assistants. Lunch was great because it gave me a chance to catch up on what everyone was doing, and find out what sort of things were going on with various projects that we could not discuss with executives present.

Afternoons I would most likely be working in the chairman’s office, doing whatever his assistant needed, and then I would go home around 6 pm. Occasionally I would go to an employee screening on the lot, or borrow a movie for the night from the research library. Fox was really wonderful about perks like that, especially for the interns, as we were not getting paid.

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