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Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: College Intern (New York, NY - Fox News Channel)
Student: Economics Sophomore

Not surprisingly, FOX News is a very political place. Much like plenty of other businesses, it is fast paced and very democratic. By this, I would emphasize any other liberal arts student to take advantage of a good first impression. I happened to be in a rather long elevator ride with a high level executive. Unknown to me, he approached my supervisor later on and complimented her on selecting an educated and respectful intern. At the time, I wasn’t aware of his status within the company. That being said, a first impression with anyone is an extremely important aspect to remember when working in a very public company.

My responsibility within my short internship was much more than I expected. FOX does take a proactive stance in training their interns. Fortunately, they take this opportunity to consider interns as future employees. Therefore, they give us the opportunity to learn at a very fast pace. For example, each intern is required to participate in a web segment in studio that goes on air at our own Fox News Channel University website. Being a liberal art major, I am not exactly inclined to being on air and reading a teleprompter in front of a camera. However, I enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone.

A day in the life of my internship involves assisting producers on set, setting up interviews with the human resources department, and contributing articles to the FOX News website. I am extremely grateful for the experience and plan on continuing a journalistic route for my future career.

Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: Summer Intern (Los Angeles, CA - Fox Sports Net)
Student: Undeclared Sophomore

Working for Fox Sports Net was a dream come true. Not only was I able to work on the main 20th Century Fox lot, I was able to meet some of the most powerful people in the media industry. This internship was far more valuable then I could have ever anticipated and I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life. Fox is very great about realizing that you are working for them for free and they go the extra mile to make it worth your time. They give you the opportunity with speaker series to meet people who work in the upper levels of the company and provide you the chance to make connections if you are willing to put yourself out there and establish relationships. Another plus is the fact that the powerful people they put you in contact with are more then willing to give you the time of day. I was able to speak with the VP of marketing and product development and he was the most down to earth and generous person.

Fox is a great work atmosphere and though they realize the power they have they do not abuse it. In fact it’s quite the opposite, they use the power they have to help others who show they are willing to go the extra mile. Interning at Fox is definitely what you make out of it; if you are willing to work you will be graciously rewarded. Working at the assignment desk there really is no typical day. The further in you get the more responsibility you are given and the more your daily routine changes. At the beginning a typical day consists of showing up, doing some website observations where you basically screen the regional websites to make sure they are pristine and answering phones. Slowly you start getting more responsibility like booking radio calls, logging press conferences and posting stories. By the end they allow you to go watch the making of the show Final Score and let you meet the talent and also they allow you to actually perform on screen as an anchor for practice.

Summer 2008 Site Review

Position: News Reporting Intern (Austin, TX - KTBC)
Student: Government Senior

For those of you who are reading this and considering applying for a news reporting internship at FOX 7- I have to say- this is probably the BEST broadcast internship out there. Working in the FOX 7 newsroom and with the team of reporters, photographers, and producers is a wonderful experience and one that you get exactly as much out of it as you put in. This is NOT an internship where you are micromanaged. No one will be looking over your shoulder, no one will be telling you what to do everyday. As the News Director told me on the very first day- the goal of this internship is to producer your tape, get it done, and get out of her and get a job. He’s exactly right and over 8 weeks there, I have compiled a master tape, had it edited professionally and now I’ve sent out 16 job applications- we’ll see what happens.

The thing that makes the internship so wonderful is that you follow the reporters out on the stories, do your own version and learn from theirs, and when it comes time at 5 and 9 to go live (of if you work dayside- earlier), you can get on camera before or after them and get your “live intros” and “tags” in, taken them back after and put it on your tape. When your out on the story- ask the photographer and they will shoot a standup for you. If you want to take it one step further, get on Avid Instinct and write that package and you pretty much have everything you need. Again- this internship is well suited for anyone who truly wants to bust their ass getting their tape done- it’s all about initiative. You have to ask the reporters (who are so accommodating) if you can go out with them. You have to find time in the editing bay, you have to find time in the audio booth- you have to get help when you need it- no one’s going to be helping you automatically or telling you what to do. The other wonderful thing is that when they are short a reporter or if they have many stories going on and all the paid reporters are out on stories, they will send you- sometimes with a photographer and you will write a VO/SOT or a pack for 5 or 9- which the anchors will voice. But that means you wrote it- and you can put it on your tape. Am I gushing? I just felt like this was an extraordinary experience.

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