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Summer 2011 Site Review

Position: Marketing ntern
Student: Shelby Sophomore

It’s pretty cool to be an intern at Funimation, especially if you’re a fan of anime or the occasional Asian live-action film. Everyday, you’re surrounded by anime, which is a culture unlike any other. When I first get there in the morning, I check my e-mails first.  Obviously interns are sent the most exciting and top-secret e-mails through out the company…. kidding of course. Mainly I do this before anything else because everyone is quite busy with their jobs and will come to me when they need my help. Usually the public relations coordinator will seek me out first. Sometimes she would instruct me to write a post for Funimation’s blog about sales and new titles that were coming up. Other times I would help her restock the marketing closet, which meant that I got to snag some free anime.

After helping her, I would work with an assistant brand manager. She gave me a project where I had the opportunity to watch an entire anime series (while at work I might add) and write my own creative brief about it. The creative briefs are presented to the entire creative team who are working on the show, i.e. the copywriter, trailer guy, artist, bosses of said people, etc. It was a great opportunity to witness what steps have to be made to get a show out to the public.

After working on this project for a few hours I would work with the marketing coordinator. He was in charge of a grassroots project for anime clubs around North America. I ended up doing a lot of packing and shipping for him. It wasn’t the best duty around but he also introduced me to some of the coolest people at Funimation. I was lucky enough to meet one of the sound engineers one day. Basically, he would sit in a sound proof studio and create all the sound and input all the dialogue that’s in an anime series. It was an incredible experience, not to mention extremely impressive.

Whenever I wasn’t meeting awesome people at Funimation or watching anime for a project, I would have flextime. During these few hours at the end of the day I would have time to finish up whatever I needed to do before I left for the day. I would definitely recommend interning at Funimation if you’re ever lucky enough to get the chance, even if you aren’t into anime.

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