Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Website Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

Gaspedal is the community for social media leaders at the world’s greatest brands. Gaspedal has created a community made up of senior executives figuring out how to make social media work at their companies. Some members come from brands such at P&G, Toyota, General Mills and Coca-Cola. Gaspedal has created a place in which these senior member executives can have a place to share their experiences and receive help.

The Gaspedal team is made up of passionate individuals who go above and beyond in assisting their members. Gaspedal has five teams that make up the company; Community, Content, Development, Operations, and Events. As an intern, I was able to rotate between all five teams throughout my internship. The Community Team runs the Social community. They assist members in having memorable and amazing conversations. The Content Team is responsible for the pretty pictures and clever words on every digital aspect. The Development Team is responsible for the growth and health of the website. they find new members and welcome them to the community. The Operations Team is responsible for making sure other departments can do what they do best. Lastly, the Events Team plans dozens of annuals events that hosts their members.

As an intern at I was able to work on meaningful projects with each and every team. With the Community Team I assisted in a project (Buddy Emails), which paired together members attending an upcoming member meeting and got them acquainted via email. With the Content Team I created twitter posts and managed blog postings on various topics. With the Development Team I assisted in research, which helped the team to recruit new members. With the Operations Team I assisted in various projects that made members feel special. Lastly, with the Events Team I researched various venues and helped to plan events. I worked with each team for two weeks at a time, and worked with a few teams multiple times. I would go into the office three times a week and would be responsible for working on various tasks and projects for the corresponding team I was with that week.

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