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Liberal Arts Career Services

Genesco Sports Enterprises

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Sports Marketing Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

My internship this summer was with Genesco Sports Enterprises, a sports marketing consulting company located in Dallas, Texas. My company is responsible for linking major corporations with opportunities to market themselves in the sporting world. Some of our major clients are top Fortune 500 companies.

I worked in the Research & Insights department of Genesco during my tenure with the company. One of the major tasks that I worked on throughout the summer was providing research on businesses that Genesco could potentially do business with in the future. I reported financial information, company history, and many other aspects of each company in PowerPoint format. I also researched past sponsorships with players and teams that each company had in the sporting industry. In addition, I used data from an extensive database of survey information to paint a picture of the typical characteristics of a user of the company’s products/services. These projects were done with the purpose of helping Genesco find companies that would be attractive new business partners.

Another major project that I worked on was making market profiles detailing the behavior of sports fans in major metropolises in the United States. Using the survey data, I found out which teams were the most popular among the population, which sports were watched the most on TV, along with the teams that drew the biggest amount of fans.

The highlight of my internship came on my first ever business trip. Genesco sent me to Las Vegas for a weeklong photoshoot for a major sports league and its sponsor. During the event, 25 nationally renowned players took photos and recorded videos endorsing the sponsor for the upcoming season. My responsibility was directing the players through autograph signings for promotional prizes. I got to spend quality time with some of the stars of the league and it was an awesome experience.

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