Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Greater Texas Federal Credit Union

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Marketing/Human Resources Intern
Student: Government Junior

Being a Marketing/HR Intern for Greater TEXAS FCU is quite the anomaly from your typical mundane college desk job internships. Some of the most challenging and educational experiences of the internship develop from serving as the main hub for the state wide financial institution which provides a vast understanding of how major organizations function globally. Another beneficial element of this internship is the variety of areas that you will report under; the main three being the marketing, human resources, and employee-training department. These unique areas all require different sets of skills to accomplish assigned tasks, which again boasts ample opportunity to extend your knowledge and expertise. Many of the assignments require you to use your creative side, which may be inept for some, but over time and with the resources that GTFCU provides you’ll be able to tap into your inner-creative being. I think the job description ‘other special projects’ should be emphasized here, not in a negative sense though! Every day is different at GTFCU, which differs greatly from those typical monotonous internships college students experience.

The day of an intern typically begins around 8AM by ‘clocking in’, which in itself is rewarding since the majority of internships endured by students are unpaid. From there, depending on the time of week/month/ year, you’ll typically address your focus on upcoming promotions or events that may be going on within the Credit Union. This entails attending to extremely inquisitive employees (despite the fact that the resources of such knowledge has already been distributed to them), recording various data into excel spreadsheets, uploading important documents or announcements to the company intranet site, and even dressing up in a super hero costume for a promotional photo shoot! It’s hard to define a structured time period for all this to happen, due to it’s varying nature, but it will typically take a large majority of the morning time to complete. One may then take their allotted lunch break within the divine GTFCU break room, which houses many employee perks including both a snack and coke vending machines! After lunch, it is best to contact each one of your supervisors and see if they have any special projects that need completing. This can lead to another unpredictable outcome, some days no one will have a special project, in which you would then complete your ‘online training courses’ that are required of all employees, or sometimes each department has numerous projects, in which require diligent time management and organization to complete. This typically keeps an intern extremely busy for the rest of the workday!

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