Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Green Gate Farms

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Media Intern
Student: Geography Senior

The farm is a family owned and operated organic farm located in East Austin. The two owners are Erin Flynn and Skip Connett own two plots of land the smaller one in East Austin and another in Bastrop. The media work that I did for the farm was for the smaller farm in East Austin. Green Gate Farm prides itself growing local and organic produce. The farm is a part of local agricultural community called Community Supported agriculture, or CSA. A CSA farm is one that local people, i.e. local Austinites, pay a CSA membership fee to the farm and in turn receive a share of the produce that the farm grows. The farm, along with fruits and vegetables also raise livestock such as chickens, pigs, and goat. Even these shares of meats are distributed to the members of the CSA. It may be interesting to know that the pigs and chickens are not the usual meat varieties found at the grocery store. Of the pig varieties, the farm raises two breeds, guinea hogs and a heritage breed pig. As part of the farms philosophy of not using pesticides and stewardship, all of the livestock is “free range,” free to roam outside.

My title during the internship is the “Media Intern,” my duties consist of making sure the farms photo sharing site, Flickr, is up-to-date.  The farm has several hundred photos that prior to interning was not backed up and/or organized. So I set up a Google Drive account, the successor to Google Docs, where the photos and other media are being backed up and organized. It’s good for people who want to submit their own photos since the archive can be shared and let people send in photos and not be stopped by a 25mb limit via email. Since most of my work resides in the digital world, actual farming was mostly left to the permanent farm hands and farm volunteers.

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