Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Harris Media LLC

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Economics Senior

During the spring of 2013 I worked as an intern with Harris Media LLC. Harris Media is a communications and media firm and does a lot of work in social media. They have mainly worked with political constituents, but also represent small businesses and non-profit advocacy groups. Harris Media represents their clients through specific advertisement and management of social media accounts. Their innovative communication strategies are gaining support from more and more clients around the United States as they won many Poly Awards this spring. My position as an intern was mainly to assist the Account Executives in the office. I worked in numerous areas from helping brainstorm ideas for social media posts to managing budgets in Google Ad Words accounts. The normal day in the life of an intern goes as follows. I was given certain clients for which I was in charge of going through their specific social media accounts and responding to some of the replies received. I would go through and come up with ideas for future posts and help brainstorm graphics that can accompany these posts. After going through my clients, I would enter the group intern email and work on any assigned needs of the Account Executives. These usually involved helping manage budgets, placing information into excel documents, and managing clients’ websites. Harris Media specializes in their use of social media. For students interested in gaining experience in a communications firm, I would highly recommend Harris Media. You will be able to walk away from Harris Media with valuable knowledge of how to manage social media accounts. In our society, this plays a key role and many employers are intrigued with employees who have gained experience with this type of communication.

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