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Immigration Texas

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: State Level Immigration Intern
Student: Government Junior

My internship is with Immigration Texas, an academic think tank that focuses on immigration issues in Europe and the US. It was founded by Dr. Terri Givens, a government professor who focuses on immigration issues and western democracies. I took a class with Dr. Givens and later assisted her with some research until she founded the organization.

My internship at Immigration Texas has been a great experience, in which, I have been able to conduct my own research, write blogs that are published with my name, and run the website for the organization.

The staff consisted of Dr. Givens, a number of graduate students who study immigration issues, and undergraduate students. We are split into two different groups, with one focusing on European issues and the other focusing on American immigration policies.

In terms of running the website, I reported directly to Dr. Givens, whom I find as one of the most student-oriented professors at the university. She is approachable, personable, and helpful. I worked closely with her on the organization, registration and blogging in the website. My other responsibilities included data aggregation, research and writing. In most of these projects, I had to work with graduate students in the government department. I worked with them on my main research project, which was about state immigration laws that were passed recently.

Overall, Immigration Texas has been a great internship. Through my tasks, I became very knowledgeable in website development and maintenance, I became more familiar with different immigration polices and the legislative process, and I learned to become a better researcher and writer.

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