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Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2016 Site Review

Position: Sales Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior

This is an inside sales role, so all communications take place over the phone, sometimes complemented with screen sharing demos, but never face to face. As such, your soft skills will improve in the direction of the specialized way of selling over the phone. The internship will begin with you actively shadowing your mentor, a current account executive. You will have to take notes and report on 10 hours of listening in on the calls your mentor makes while doing the actual job.

This will be complemented by webinar trainings hosted on large TVs in conference rooms where you will be instructed by a variety of Indeed’s leaders across the nation. Trainings range from 1 to 3 hours and there will be a handful a week.These topics will be focused on teaching you how to sell, what indeed’s service is, and how to use the internal software. After shadowing and training you will have to practice selling the product by pitching and demoing first to your mentor, then sale’s team director, and then office director. After gaining approval you will be given roughly 200 business leads to qualify.

Many of these will be bad opportunities and you must investigate each thoroughly to rule them out. Any good opportunities should be sought out with the guidance of your mentor until you have demonstrated the ability to sell entirely on your own. Towards the end of the internship, you will be given an opportunity to interview for the full time position of sales account executive or for other roles where management may see you as a better fit. The hours are a minimum of 16 per week and up to 40. You can choose your own schedule and modify it according to need with supervisor approval.

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