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Liberal Arts Career Services

International Creative Management (ICM)

Summer 2011 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Philosophy Junior

ICM, or International Creative Management, is one of the top four most prestigious talent agencies in the world with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London.  Because of this, it is nearly impossible to get an internship without having a connection to an employee or client of the firm and with those they do accept, they expect and demand strong and quick intelligence with little room for error.  If you have seen Entourage, then you have seen Ari Gold and there are surprisingly many talent agents who act like him; if you screw up once then there is a chance you will get chewed out and potentially moved to a different agent.  However not to scare anyone, there are many other talent agents who are extremely amiable and will be great to you so long as you get your work done.

Now, coming in to ICM as an intern you first meet with Human Resources who will then take you on a tour of the building before leading you to your department and assigned agent and assistant.  They determine where to place you based on your application and previous communication with them.  Most assistants will let you choose your own hours provided that they are consistent hours as well as long days.  For me, I worked Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 6:00.  As for your responsibilities, they will start you off slow only giving you a script to read and breakdown or make labels and do expense reports.  For me, I picked things up quick to where my assistant gained a lot of confidence in me.  Eventually a normal day for me was watching the phones, planning the agent’s itinerary, scheduling lunches and drinks, entering all the latest agent activities with film projects into the database, preparing casting meetings notes, and still reading scripts an hour at a time.

Lastly, every Wednesday ICM sponsors an intern lunch with a guest agent who will speak about their experience at ICM and leading up to it as well as provide an opportunity to ask questions.  It is a great chance to pick their minds and learn what it takes to actually become an agent.

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