Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Karla Otto

Summer 2011 Site Review

Position: Fashion PR Intern
Student: American Studies Junior

I arrive at the office around 9am Monday thru Thursday; the other interns all arrive around the same time. We each talk to one another for a bit, and then a morning meeting begins around 9:15. During this meeting, we discuss any special situations that may occur that day (for instance if we have a celebrity or stylist coming to view the showroom), and what happened yesterday that may have not been the most proper choice. After the meeting the interns each go to their desk.

I start returning and packing up any items that were not returned or checked out from the previous day. After doing so, I then ask what items need to be pulled. Throughout the rest of the day I continue to check in and out clothes, along with pulling clothes for stylists and magazines. Some days I work on press releases that need to be sent out, and help make press kits that are going to an event we are having. I also import any new samples that come into the office. About every other week, I take inventory of the samples that have not been returned yet, and make phone calls to the magazines and stylists that have them reminding them that their time has expired with the item, and they need to return it as soon as possible. I do have an hour lunch break that can be taken at my convenience, however most days I choose to just eat at work and continue with my job so that I can go home at a reasonable time.

Although each day can be slightly the same, in my opinion it is never the same because problems occur almost everyday items missing, stylists and magazines wondering where there sample requests are, no matter what happens there is a solution. What makes each day exciting is finding the solution to the problem that is occurring.

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