Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Keller Williams Realty International

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Austin Portfolio Real Estate Intern
Student: Liberal Arts Undeclared Sophomore

If you are looking for an internship with a business casual atmosphere yet very professional at the same time, Keller Williams Austin Portfolio Real Estate is a great place to start. During my internship experience I was able to work under 2 very knowledgeable professionals that took me under their wing and brought me into the world of real estate. My internship tasks allowed me to learn basic fundamentals of the real estate industry. Though like any other internship, the task can be a bit tedious but they all have a reason behind them and I learned something new from every task that I accomplished. I was provided with all the tools necessary to complete each task, which made everyday going in much easier. My boss provided me with a list of items that allowed me to be more independent and gave me the opportunity to work more efficiently alone.

Another idea that I liked about my internship is the times that I worked. I had to be in the office every Tuesday and Thursday. I never had to go in extremely early and I also got off at a decent time. My boss took into consideration that I was still a college student and she worked very well around my school schedule. If I ever needed to change my schedule due to a school scheduling conflict it was also ok. Something else that was a nice perk was that other agents would ask for you to come in on your days off to do special work for them and they would also pay me to do so. I enjoyed doing that because I was able to compare and contrast the differences between my boss’ work style and how she ran her business compared to her competitor

The site in itself is very laid back. It is quiet almost 100% of the time which I like. There are no distractions and it is the ideal place to get your work done. Everyone around you is there to help you when you need it. I was able to network a lot and got to meet many other agents and their teams as well. I was the only intern there, it would have been nice to have someone on my level around but that could essentially taken away from my opportunities so I was ok with being the only intern at hand. It was a great experience and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to get a great casual yet professional internship experience.

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Research Intern
Student: Economics Senior

This summer I worked closely with the Senior Research Analyst and the Director of Research and Development on several different projects. Every day I came into the office, I would first touch base with my supervisor to discuss what she needed me to work on. I had my own cubicle to work at with my own computer, phone, and company e-mail so I could be reached as well as contact others within the company if I needed to.  At the end of every day I would follow up with my supervisor to show her the progress I had made on the projects I was working on.

My main contribution was writing and creating the graphs for This Month in Real Estate, a monthly report that monitors and analyzes the impact of macroeconomic metrics, governmental actions, and home sales on the housing market in the US and Canada. Other tasks included analyzing and writing reports for surveys, gathering and creating graphs of housing market data for the Chairman of the Board’s Keynote speech, as well as keeping up with current real estate news to enrich my knowledge of the real estate market. I got the opportunity to work with many different departments such as marketing and production to complete the projects I worked on. Keller Williams has a great company culture that is welcoming and made me feel comfortable amongst all of my challenging tasks. This internship provided me with a great experience to learn more about the real estate industry as well as how to develop my future career in business.

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Summer Editorial Intern
Student: English Junior

As an editorial intern in the Production Services department at Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI), I was expected to contribute daily to a variety of interesting and meaningful projects. My main duty was to copyedit and proofread book manuscripts, course manuals, and research releases related to the real estate industry. To that end, I was assigned a cubicle, a personal computer, and all the tools necessary to review sections of text with the purpose of elevating and enhancing the assigned material. I would look for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style issues—often utilizing my writing skills to touch up the language at large. One of the great benefits of working with the material I was assigned was the opportunity to learn the Chicago style of writing—an essential tool in composing and editing in many professional publishing environments. This was all supervised by a talented mentor who was an invaluable resource as I developed my copyediting skill set.

The KWRI office setting and amenities were exceptional. On a daily basis, you were met with stunning views of the Barton Creek greenbelt and the Austin skyline. The break room was impressive as well, with its large industrial refrigerators, vending machines, coffeemakers, and virtually every type of tea one could imagine. In addition, there was a state-of-the-art gym and a relaxation room for those times when one might need some peace and quiet. I must say, however, that what impressed me most about KWRI was the culture of friendliness that existed at all levels of the company.

Without question, my time as an intern at KWRI was overwhelmingly positive, and I attribute that to the generosity, professionalism, and warmth of their outstanding staff. I would highly recommend the KWRI editorial internship to anyone interested in editing or writing on a professional level.


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