Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

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Fall 2009 Site Review

Position: News Intern
Student: Philosophy and Journalism Senior

There are two different shifts you can work as a KUT news intern. Each shift comes with different tasks and responsibilities. If you work the morning shift (6 a.m. to 11 a.m.), you will work with the Morning Edition producer (Crystal Chavez). At first, you will help search online for breaking news, write “readers” (on-air announcements of breaking news or updates on a developing story) and edit the tracks for the morning podcast and morning update using Adobe Audition. (The update consists of one story, which you read a “lead” for and then splice in the reporter’s audio story; the podcast consists of multiple stories from the previous afternoon’s All Things Considered and the day’s weather forecast). After you get down sound editing, you will start voicing the update and podcast in the studio and produce the podcast and update on your own. You will be expected to have the podcast and update edited and posted to the Web by 9 a.m., which is just before the morning editorial meeting begins. If you work the mid-morning shift (9 a.m. to whenever), this is obviously when you will show up. In the meetings, all the reporters and senior editors gather around and take turns pitching ideas for stories that will run during that afternoon’s All Things Considered and the next day’s Morning Edition. No matter the shift you work, you will be expected to pitch story ideas and participate in the discussion. After the meeting, the morning shift intern compiles a “paper rundown” and sends out an e-mail list of the stories decided on during the meeting.

If you are working the mid-morning or afternoon shift, you will start out writing “cut-and-copies,” which are basically stories that you write and record interviews for but do not voice. Eventually, you will report more and more stories and possibly report on some of the stories you pitch.

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