Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Lakes Media 360

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: E-Commerce Intern
Student: Economics Senior

While working with Lakes Media 360 I was able to learn a large variety of skills all related to eCommerce and/or web development. Over the summer I was working in an office at the warehouse where shipping and receiving is done but over the next year there are plans to expand to larger, more professional building. Everyday is not the same by any standard; there are days where you will be working mostly in front of the computer while other days being out meeting with clients. Your work does not always have any set deadline but there is always an “expected” time frame, which gives the intern the responsibility of deciding just how long something should take. This was something I picked up on very fast but might be different for others.

Other times you will be given a specific task that needs to be done for one of the clients websites, it could be loading in products or pictures, to even more difficult tasks such converting websites from one platform to another. I felt that getting specific tasks that needed to be completed were better because you knew exactly what needed to be done as well as more than enough time to complete the task. More often than not you want to complete the issued task ahead of the deadline, which is how you can prove yourself.

Freedom to do your work when you want as long as it gets done and done to your best ability will teach you responsibility. Working in an online industry is usually very fast paced work but extremely productive. Since everything is eCommerce oriented you will always have to think strategically and outside the box.

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