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Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Educational Outreach Intern
Student: English, Senior

Latinitas is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower young Latinas through media and technology. Because there is a misrepresentation and underrepresentation of Latinas in the media, Latinitas gives young girls the tools to become the media makers and create positive change in the media. Latinitas carries out their mission through their online magazine, after school clubs, workshops, and camps. As a Latinitas Club Leader Intern, my job is to facilitate two clubs in an Austin elementary or middle school. The internship consists of 15 hours, which are divided between office hours, two after school clubs, and attendance at Latinitas events. Every club leader’s schedule looks a little different depending on how long their after school clubs are. Those who have shorter clubs spend more time in the Latinitas office doing tasks such as curriculum development, event planning, promotion, or even blogging. However, the majority of a club leader’s hours are spent at the after school clubs or preparing for them. The Latinitas program coordinator provides club leaders with a new lesson every week and it is our personal responsibility to properly prepare for our clubs with supplies and charged devices. The lessons that we lead are focused on teaching young girls technology skills such as photography, video production and editing, game design, and blogging. In my opinion, the club leader’s biggest and most important responsibility is serving as a mentor to the young girls in her clubs. A club leader has the opportunity to become a positive role model for her students, and her guidance could be life-changing for some girls. A club leader should always be prepared to promote healthy self-esteem, media literacy, college attainment, and of course girl power to the Latinitas club members.

Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Educational Outreach Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior

When you begin the internship, you will start by working with children. You will be “out there” and it will help you for when you begin working in the office. It will seem so sudden. One minute, you’re at a volunteer information session, the next, you’re in front of a group of rowdy 2nd graders. It isn’t as terrifying as it sounds. Having a bag of tiny video cameras and a few pieces of candy really does wonders for behavior.

The atmosphere at Latinitas Inc. is highly collaborative. From your fellow club leaders, volunteers, supervisors, and even the COO, a lot of conversation happens in the office. Your input is highly encouraged when discussing events, lessons, and workshop. You will truly feel like a valued member of a team. There is a lot of responsibility in your position, both in the classroom and out. This is where you will realize just how valuable those trial by fire classroom experiences really are. You’re the organization’s reconnaissance team, letting everybody know how well (or not so well) the mission is being fulfilled.

The mission: to empower Latinas through media and technology. You will learn what empowerment truly means. You will learn it when a child’s eyes light up with a great idea for a short film or idea for a future career. Great epiphanies will happen right in front of you, and if you blink, you could miss it. Also, you’ll quickly realize that the organization’s reach is far from limited to Latinas. Going to schools with diverse student populations taught me as a Mexican-American how to share my culture with other cultures. It is your responsibility to build your definition of cultural competency.

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Editorial Intern
Student: English Senior

An editorial internship at Latinitas Magazine requires a self-motivated, proactive, and creative attitude. The ability to work without constant supervision, and to meet deadlines is also crucial. That said, the following is an account of a day in the life of a Latinitas Magazine editorial intern.

An editorial intern at Latinitas has a couple of main priorities throughout the semester: blogging regularly on the magazine’s social network MyLatinitas, and writing five to six feature stories for the online magazine. These interactions range from giving advice, responding to their blog posts and questions, and generating your own blogs that will be of interest to them. This semester, editorial interns were required to write 20-30 blogs total. You are allowed to make pitches for your feature stories, and if approved you have two weeks to turn it in.

As an editorial intern, you are required to go into the Latinitas Magazine office two to three times a week, and blog or pitch story ideas to your internship supervisor. Sometimes errands around the office need to be run, but they are rare, and most of the time is spent working on your blogs or stories. Blog topics must be relevant to young Latinas. The age group you are working with is from seven to college age. Your feature stories must also pertain to Latinas, and you must have Latina voices in them. That means that if you are writing about a specific topic, you should plan to interview at least two Latinas

Finally, one day out of the week, you are required to submit a progress report to your internship supervisor. This progress report will include the progress of the stories you are currently working on, blog ideas and how many blogs you have written to date, and finally pitches for future stories.

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