Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Law Office of William Jang

Fall 2014 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Government Junior

Working at the Law Office of William Jang was one of my best college internship experiences. I have met great faculties, supervisors and clients who were willing to teach me about legal work environment, realistic perspectives on legal industry, legal education, language education and business skills. They were very prompt at getting back with me with feedback, they constantly provided me with insightful comments and detailed rubrics on how they were going to grade my work, gave me realistic view on what they think of life after college/ law school in general. My supervisors have worked in different countries. They are not hesitant to share their academic, work and legal experiences, which has allowed me to rethink of me attending law school in the future.

My daily task includes phone call corresponding, participating in client meetings, drafting immigration applications, communicating with faculties, translating Korean news articles to English and often participating in legal newspaper publishing. If you are fluent in either Spanish, Korean or any other foreign language, it is definitely a plus, because it is a immigration law office, we deal with a lot of different clients from other countries including Mexico, South Korea, China, Russia and Thailand. Key tips you might need to consider is when in doubt, it is always better to ask your supervisor. Working in a legal work environment requires a lot of integrity, initiatives and efficiency. It is definitely important to be accurate than being able to finish work in a short period of time. Making a mistake on a legal application or missing information is not forgiven when oneís life is depended on a project. Always double-checking and getting feedback and applying those feedbacks is very integral. Since you will be an intern, you will not have significant amount of initiatives as other faculties, however make sure to be professional and do not be afraid to ask questions to supervisors. They are very helpful and they also do not want to make mistakes thus, keep each other accountable.

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