Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

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Spring 2016 Site Review

Position: Austin City Hall Fellows
Student: Government Senior

For my internship I worked with the Austin City Hall Fellows based out of the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement. Originally I participated as fellow in the second cohort spring of 2015. During my time as a fellow I was challenged academically seeing as this course was taught as a graduate cohort and based around process application rather deliverables such as test and papers.

The course centered around building capacity for the City of Austin in neighborhoods which have been displaced by rapid gentrification, digital divide, and a lack of economic resources. Each class session we had a different speaker or lecturer giving my class a rich history of demographics, policy, community engagement and other pressing issues within Austin. Aside from the academic component of the course we also had community component. Each student was placed in three different target neighborhoods, and I was placed within the Holly neighborhood.

During my time as a fellow we were required to address issues within our targeted neighborhood, my group saw a need to provide funding to recreation centers within the neighborhood. This idea was formed from our class speaker Ellen Lee at the Regional Foundation Library director. This library provides grant funding to nonprofits, individuals and various institutions. Our team connected the recreation centers with library in hopes they will receive grant funding.

Fall 2013 Site Review

Position: Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement Intern
Student: Economics, Senior

The Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement is a place for volunteerism to thrive, promoting community relationships and student involvement. In the office, the team is dedicated to creating this university-community collaboration through a variety of efforts including academic service learning, civic engagement, and specific student organizations. In my intern role with the Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement, we have created a unique position that requires my background knowledge of the organization to encourage increased alumni involvement in a specific program, Project 2014. This year is the 15th anniversary for The Project, so this is an important aspect of the anniversary event.

In my daily role, I spend time discussing the current initiatives taking place in the office and informally chat with the other part-time and full-time staff members. This, while unofficial, helps everyone in the office through increased collaboration and comfort with each other. I have helped others solve problems with the website, helped generate new ideas, and talked others through their own potential solutions. Additionally, they help me understand what resources I have available in each of my projects, which helps ensure my own success. While there are tangible benefits to this informal collaboration, I just find it extremely enjoyable to talk to like-minded people with a focus on volunteering.

Finally, our relationship with Texas Exes has allowed me to understand the value of partnerships in the workplace. We have partnered with them for a few years now and this partnership has helped us achieve goals, while they are able to include alumni in the happenings of the office. Interpersonal communication, teamwork, and creativity are all very important for thriving in the office.

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