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Lenox Park

Spring 2016 Site Review

Position: Spring Analyst Intern
Student: Economics Senior

There is no typical “Day in the Life” at Lenox Park LLC. Lenox Park LLC is a due diligence advisory firm and technology solution company. Most of my internship role was on the technology solutions side since this was the focus and most actively growing area in the business. I would say that my experience was very unique considering how much flexibility was involved throughout my experience. Most of the time I worked from home, except I went to the office on Friday mornings to catch up on projects and receive assignments for the next week.

Mostly every week was different, but the one consistent thing I provided every week was a Pipeline report. I would prepare a report for status updates from each of the other five members of the team and prepare a client report from our database system to be used for a team conference call every week. In addition, I was able to participate in a special compliance project throughout the duration of my internship in order to provide insight on an area that Lenox Park LLC would like to add to their technology CRM solution.

Since the culture is mostly about just getting the job done, it was very easy to do the tasks at my convenience. Usually for me, I would schedule all of my data entry tasks to do in a group on the weekend such as tracking metrics or updating the database. Additionally, I would quickly prepare reports or background information on different groups before a conference call during the week. As an intern, it would be extremely important to be flexible and attentive at all times since the team might need a document by giving you short notice. I would say that a successful intern needs to be a self-starter and also inquisitive and ask lots of questions. That would be the best way to make the most out of your internship experience.

Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Analyst Intern
Student: Economics Junior

There really was not a typical “day in the life” for me as an intern with Lenox Park. Consistency is nice and I did have some, but I think that the reason I enjoyed my time as an intern so much is because I never had a typical day and was able to gain experience in many different aspects.

First of all, Lenox Park is a due diligence advisory firm that mainly focuses on evaluating risk. My job in all of this has been doing a lot of research on different funds and insider trading cases to be use in evaluating different firms portfolios. I also had to create multiple presentations on a specific subject and compile all of the public information I could possibly find on it because firms are very private with their information.

Lenox Park also has a financial solution side where we developed a cloud-based solution for Portfolio managers to keep track of all of all of their investment managers and fund performances. This was the majority of the work that I was doing at the beginning of the semester, but I think as time went on it was obvious that I was better at and would rather be working on the advisory side as an analyst doing research and evaluating risk.

This internship was a great experience and I look forward to continuing on into the summer. My boss has mentioned expanding the Austin office so it may be a great opportunity for students in the future to get some valuable internship experience. Jason, my boss, is extremely helpful, and has helped me meet a lot of people and shake a lot of hands that are going to be infinitely beneficial if I try to get a job with another company.

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