Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Liberty Mutual

Spring 2009 Site Review

Student: Economics Sophomore
Position: Sales Intern

Working for Liberty Mutual can be whatever you choose to make it. Liberty Mutual strongly believes that a student should be able to choose their own path instead of being pressured into one by the corporation they are working for. Instead of a strictly outlined internship, Liberty Mutual allows an intern to take on as many responsibilities as he or she chooses while providing a professional environment to pursue your career goals.

To better understand this idea, while I was working at Liberty Mutual there were two other interns working. Each of us set ourselves up for different paths. One intern wanted to pursue a career in event planning or hotel management. While Liberty Mutual is an unlikely place to begin a career in hosting, She was allowed and encouraged to plan and execute various recruiting events along with her daily task to encourage her interest. Another intern wanted to work in sales and so was given time to study for his state license exam. Immediately after passing the state exam, he was allowed to communicate to individual clients about various products offered by Liberty Mutual and eventually sell the products. As for myself, I was looking for technical and consulting experience to be coupled with my interest in economics and finance. Consequently, I was allowed to analyze sale figures and advise individual sale representatives on potential trends in their selling behavior.

On a usual day I would arrive to work promptly at 8:30 in the morning and begin by checking my email to see if my manager has sent me any specific assignments. If none, I would print out all the sale results from the previous week and begin reviewing the office’s as well as individual representative’s numbers which may take a day or two. Whenever I have finished my analysis, I proceed to personally speak to each representative on how they can improve their figures to maximize their profits as well as work with them to set a new weekly goal. I would finish the week with a presentation to my manager for our weekly results.

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