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Liberal Arts Career Services

Life or Death PR & Artist Management

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: PR Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior

If you are looking to be a public relations professional in the music industry, Life or Death PR & Artist Management offers great internship opportunities. This full-service public relations, marketing and management firm turns unknown artists into recognized musical sensations. Working side by side with a team of five PR professionals, you will learn how to promote music by finding TV opportunities, print placements, web infiltration, and celebrity seeding. To work for Life or Death, you must be devoted to building the careers of your artists.

Every week, Monday – Thursday, you will be working at the studio office located in Brooklyn, NY. Your day begins at 11am. If you are staying in Manhattan like I was, make sure you leave for the subway about an hour early to ensure you will arrive on time. First, you will check your e-mail; they will give you your own company address, which made me feel pretty official! You will work your way through the press releases that have been forwarded to you. Then, you will post a condensed version of these press releases onto the front page of the website. After you update these current events, you will be given a variety of tasks to do for the rest of your day. These tasks could include mailing out EP albums, where you will have to address numerous envelopes, stuffing them with the press release folded around the album. This process is tedious and long, but it is interesting to see whom the albums are being sent to (the VIP of the music industry). You will also be given tasks such as updating the contact database, where you will learn how to organize thousands of press e-mails, addresses, and phone numbers from around the country. My favorite job was making the artist pages on the company website. Anytime a new artist is signed to our management, you will be assigned to make them an artist page. This process is tedious, but you will be taught step by step how to design the webpage. You must be willing to be social media savvy and ready to use the computer for this internship. You will be given work until the day comes to an end at 5pm. Don’t worry the real fun starts once the workday is over and the shows begin! The beauty of working in the music industry is what you get to experience once the hard work done.

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