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Liberal Arts Career Services

Luma Education

Fall 2012 Site Review

Position: Product Intern
Student: Economics Sophomore

Luma Education is a company who developed the product “StudyRoom”.  StudyRoom brings online learners together in a virtual classroom where they can meet their classmates, find fellow classmates who can help them, or join study groups.  At Luma Education, my role was to work directly with the CEO on a fundraising strategy, a marketing strategy, and conducted product testing individually and in a group setting. 

The CEO and I met regularly about fundraising.  Over the past semester, over 10,000 hours have been spent on StudyRoom and for courses using StudyRoom, there has been a 400% increase in average completion. These are attractive numbers to investors.  We put together an executive summary and slide deck to share with investors. 

In regards to marketing and product testing, we worked with courses and professors to get students on board. They were incentivized to use StudyRoom to make better grades and learn quicker.  One user stated: “Peers can be the best teachers, because they’re the ones that remember what it’s like to not understand”.  During product testing, we found a number issues that were unexpected and added a few features that we originally didn’t think we needed.  In retrospect, we are happy that we conducted this product testing, because otherwise our early users would suffer.

Throughout the duration of my internship, I was mentored regularly by the entire team (including the CEO). At the beginning of every workday, I would meet with the CEO to discuss my weekly goals and this was my opportunity to get his time, feedback and advice on the projects I was working on.  Other than that time at the beginning of each workday, everyone works quite independently. Usually, there is a quick team meeting once a day to go over tasks and overall weekly goals.  

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