Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Miken Capital, Inc.

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Business Analyst Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My internship was at Miken Capital, Inc.  I worked on one of their main accounts which was a frozen yogurt store called Swirll.  They have six locations, 5 in Houston and 1 in Austin.  My main role was a Business analyst intern, which allowed me to have exposure in finance, accounting, marketing, and supply chain operations.  I was their first and only intern so it was a learning experience for both my mentor and me.  I received a lot advice from the people that I worked with on what I should pursue as a career.  As a new intern, I was assigned many basic tasks in order to build up my foundations.  My assignments did get more challenging as I became familiar with their systems and processes.

A typical day for me is getting to work early and working at my own pace.  My internship was not a full-time one as I was also enrolled in summer school.  My mentor was very flexible with my work schedule allowing me to go in whenever and stay as long as needed to.  The main thing they wanted me to do was to complete my assignments by the deadline.  The assignments that were assigned to me where not too challenging.  My mentor gave me really good instructions on how to do my work so I was able to complete my projects quickly.  My projects consisted of journal entries, creating financial statements, coming up marketing ideas, and implementing efficient processes.  As an intern, nothing I suggested was immediately implemented but they did take my suggestions into account.

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship, it was a rewarding experience as I was introduced to many new concepts and look forward to applying this to my fulltime. 

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