Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Moncrief Football Academic Center

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Student Athlete Relations Research Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

A day in the life of an intern at Moncrief is pretty fun. Being surrounded by a vast array of people makes the experience different each day you go in there. You’re surrounded by 100+ football players, academic counselors, and mentors. Each person that you talk to is in the academic center for a different reason and no day is quite the same.

When I arrive each day, I start out by speaking with my supervisor and addressing what my top priority is that day. We talk about the new things that I’ve learned and then go over any ideas that we may have that I can look into. I then head over to the computer lab and start researching different topics. I usually look into different patterns concerning intercollegiate athletics and how their activities affect their school experience. A lot of what I do is communicate with or even just observe the football players to get a feel for what their life is like and how it is impacted by their background.

The organization as a whole is obviously super successful so it has been really valuable seeing how the whole bureaucracy functions. I’ve learned a lot about the players but I’ve also learned a lot about how the university and football program coincide. The football program, including the academic center really functions as a business more than a school program. There is a hierarchy of people working in different roles to ensure that each football player makes it on the field each season. Each of the employees in the academic center are working to ensure that class requirements are fulfilled, class is attended, and NCAA rules are followed.

My role as an intern has been observing the players interactions and understanding how their achievement in school is effected by external circumstances. Each player has a different story to tell and it is very interesting hearing all the different player’s lives.

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