Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Monet and Me

Spring 2015 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

The location where we have classes for Monet and Me is quite a drive so I usually have to leave 20 minutes early to get to class on time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have 2 classes each day. One class at 2:00 and the other at 3:15. We have to set up before each class so as a intern I came 15 minutes early to help get everything ready for the next class. I would put out paintbrushes, oil pastels, paper, colored pencils, paints, etc. Anything we were going to use for class that day! Then slowly but surely the children will arrive. Usually early!

Then I would help the children with putting on their aprons to keep them from getting materials on their clothes. Then I would help them get situated and they were allowed to free draw before the lesson started. Once all the children have arrived then our head teacher teaches a lesson on the artist we are covering for the week. She usually gives the students background information about the artist and tells some fun facts as well. Then She discusses about what we will be doing in class that day. As an intern I help answer any further questions the children have about what we are doing. Then the children get to work on their masterpieces!

I help them with the artistic process. If they are doing something that does not have to do with our lesson I will help them get on task as well. Then when their works of art are complete I help them take off their aprons and help them wash
their hands. Then we usually go outside and play or I will help teach them to draw something that they want to learn how to draw!

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