Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

MPI Real Estate Services & Investments

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Market Research Intern
Student: Liberal Arts Honors Junior

For my internship I worked with HPI Corporate Services which is a department within HPI Real Estate Services and Investments, a full-service commercial real estate company serving Central Texas. My primary role was working as a market research intern.

My weekly schedule was fairly consistent. I worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, getting to the office around noon and leaving by 4:30. I was paid $10 an hour plus reimbursements for mileage while driving around Austin. The office was very flexible with my hours and many days I would never even go to the office, spending my time downtown or other areas. Every week I was given a list of buildings, usually in the downtown area, and the current information and printouts we had for them and I would conduct walkthroughs of these buildings updating our information. I would visit each tenant, and try to get any information I could regarding their lease (i.e. square footage and lease expiration). I would then take this information, usually on Friday’s, and put the new information into their REA database that currently has over 5000 buildings. Next I would take the information and create a stacking diagram in WinStack which is a color coded printout showing each tenant on each floor proportionately in regards to their space size. All of this information was then put into the corresponding binder based on location. Other tasks I was assigned were data entry, which involved taking large lists of information, filling in the blanks through research, and then importing this information into the databases. Additionally, as the intern, I was occasionally asked to run errands or stock the office refrigerator.

As for the office, HPI has a very laid back feel to it. The team I worked with was very young and was constantly looking for laughs. It was definitely a fun environment to work in. As long as you accomplish your tasks and give your best effort they are pleased with your performance.

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