Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

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Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: VH1 Production Intern
Student: Plan II Sophomore

Most days start with me briskly walking into the office at around 10am. I usually sit down and spend sometime thinking and reading a lot of advanced, non sequitur jokes on McSweeney’s as I wait for tasks to come my way from my boss, unless I already have a task waiting. I spend a lot of my time updating things on the website in the content management software, writing headlines for various articles and blogposts, and building music videos. By that I mean finding all of the different components of music videos, the headlines, the descriptions, the various video sizes for different devices, and the thumbnails that go with it, which are all spread across different portions of Vh1’s database, and packaging them together to run on the website. Spending time between that and then working on my freelance job during my free time in the office is how I spend a vast majority of my time. Occasionally I will go reorganize’s digital archives or make exhaustive lists for them of videos they need to take down for a number of reasons. It’s not fun but occasionally cool things happen. They film Vh1’s show Morning Buzz right next to my office so every time I use the elevator I walk right behind the desk they’re shooting at. Occasionally, live music acts will play there. One time I walked into the office kitchen and the woman that plays Meredith from The Office was sitting there. As with most internships my main duty is to just do whatever I’m asked and come up with the most creative and efficient ways to get those tasks done. Sometimes they’re too straightforward to be creatively handled, but in rare instances they’re not, and if you can thrive in those instances then you just looked better to your boss, which is what helps you come back to the company and get a fulltime job. Would I rather be watching Point Break than doing boring intern tasks? Probably, but ultimately those boring intern tasks get you jobs and connections, so it’s probably worth skipping the Swayze flick in the end and working hard through it.

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