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Liberal Arts Career Services

National Instruments

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Corporate Marketing Intern
Student: Plan II/Religious Studies Senior 

My role as a Corporate Marketing intern at National Instruments, a leading engineering technology company based in Austin, supports the efforts of the Marketing Communications department through database analysis, the creation and editing of marketing content, and ad hoc project management responsibilities. A typical day as a Corporate Marketing intern begins with a brief recap of the projects my manager and I have set during out previous one-on-one meeting. I usually check my Lotus Notes account for any pressing deadlines, emails, and meeting requests I might have for the day. If I have a meeting scheduled it usually pertains to one of the ongoing database, web content, or press package projects my corporate marketing team is working on collaboratively with other teams in the marketing communications department. Attending meetings and strategic planning count for half the time spent in my role, while the other half of my responsibilities entail the execution of these plans.

A typical day’s work load usually requires a few hours of work analyzing data derived by NI’s web team pertaining to select tier-one pages my team is tasked with improving web visibility, content quality, and structural accessibility. This entails statistically breaking down and analyzing numbers and messaging through a variety Microsoft Office programs before drafting recommendations that my manager can use in her discussions and planning meetings with other team leads. I recommend this position to individuals who enjoy working with raw data and deriving meaning from this information. Overall, this was a very positive experience for me and I recommend it to other students.

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Multimedia Intern
Student: Psychology Senior

Background: Interning at National Instruments was unlike any other internship. It was amazing to have the opportunity to intern at a publically traded corporation that consistently puts employees (and interns) first. I interned within the Marketing Communications department and was assigned to the Multimedia team. Our focus was on video efforts, which included maintaining a YouTube presence across several channels and also creating/monitoring webcasts for potential and already acquired customers. Below is an average day as an NI Multimedia Intern.

9AM: Arrive at my cubicle and clock in. I use this time to check my work e-mail and the internal company news on Eye on NI.
9:30AM: Login to YouTube accounts in order to add new videos, respond to questions/comments, and track metrics. Additionally, I stay up to date on YouTube competitors in order to ensure that NI isn’t falling behind.
10:30AM: Write a weekly blog post for our team’s social media page. This is an internal post that focuses on new technologies or trends as well as industry news that could be beneficial for the team.
12PM: Lunch Time! I usually head down to one of the cafeterias to grab a bite with a co-worker and sit out on the deck if it’s nice out. If I’m busy, I’ll just grab something quick and head back to my cube.
12:30PM: Head to the A/V studio to monitor a live webcast. During this time, we have a Multimedia coordinator and a NI engineer on hand to answer questions and facilitate the webcast.
1:30PM: Merge the databases that house our videos. The goal is to consolidate all videos into one database in order to allow for easier searching/organization.
3:00PM: Help out a video recording either by working the camera, editing footage, or simply being on set as a crewmember. The duties vary, but the video shoots are typically fun and fast-paced.

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Spanish Senior

Marketing-specialized interns typically work in the National Instruments public relations, events, advertising, corporate communications, and web department. This position primarily supports the specialized team of advertising. However, this internship is also interfaced with other integrated marketing teams depending on the specialty area or project. Throughout this internship, I was expected to demonstrate applicable skills in leadership, project management, multitasking, oral and written communication, writing and editing, relationship building, problem solving, and critical thinking. As an intern, it was important to be aware of the advertising team’s role in continuously researching the most efficient ways NI can deliver the right messages to the largest possible audiences using effective strategies.

National Instruments is the type of company that maintains all of their marketing functions in-house rather than contracting them out to several different agencies. However, roles and positions at NI are defined like they would be in outside agencies. The marketing department is comprised of several teams including customer operations, international marketing, product marketing, web and direct marketing, and marketing communications. Within marketing communications are the public relations and advertising teams. Over the course of the last three months, my internship role has been in the advertising department.

Each week, I spent between 18 and 20 hours at National Instruments. My day typically consisted of running metrics reports to help the team keep track of how our media buys were performing, updating the mass media wikis to keep the company informed internally, writing weekly blog entries, and conducting research for my independent projects.  Once a month, I would also attend advertising team meetings and mobile cross-function team meetings.

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