Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

NBC Universal

Fall 2017

Position: Production Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Junior

Each day at The Tonight Show internship is very different in a somehow very structured way. My hours are 10am to 7pm each day, and since I work in the general production department I get to spend the day working on a variety of tasks. 

Our day usually begins by cleaning the office and ensuring that the kitchen, printers, and everything around the office are stocked before the rest of the staff come in. Once people begin arriving and settling in, we start getting called for runs. Our supervisor calls the room and will ask for an intern to see a specific person for an errand somewhere. We could be going to pick up food for a producer or talent, or finding a costume or prop for the show. Since there is a new show each day and so many things people need, most of my day will consist of these sort of tasks, but when we’re not running around the city to find things, we usually work on projects for the writers or other departments, such as finding news articles that Jimmy can use for the monologue, or finding tweets and pictures that get featured on the show.

There are some days when we’re assigned specific roles as well that take us away from the usual runs. On these days, we get to record the show on a desktop to save as a copy incase the first recording is messed up. We get to help with tickets and bring the audience in for the monologue rehearsal each day, lining them up and answering any questions about the show and then we sit in the studio and watch Jimmy’s rehearsal. And then probably the most exciting aspect of the position are the days when we are the designated studio intern, who gets to spend the entire day in the studio watching and helping with rehearsal. On these days, we watch the guest band or musician rehearse their performance, we watch Jimmy and any guests rehearse sketches they are doing and we stand in when they need help, and then we get to watch the live show from the studio and help with the audience.

The days are hectic and there is always pressure on us to do things efficiently and correctly, but each day brings new and exciting tasks that have taught me to become a worker.

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