Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Pennybacker Capital

Fall 2014 Site Review

Position: Asset Management Analyst
Student: Economics Senior

I am currently a temporary analyst at a real estate private equity firm, Pennybacker Capital.  This firm focuses on acquiring commercial real estate properties in Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.

As far as a day in the life of an intern at Pennybacker, you are responsible for understanding how to work with Microsoft Excel.  The internship duties will begin with building simple graphs and spreadsheets on excel.  You may also be responsible for sifting through the company files and confirming that the necessary documents are present and up to date. Once you have proven to understand how to work and move quickly through excel, you may be asked to help on a projection model.  For instance, you may by given the offering memorandum of a property in Dallas, Texas and your boss asks you to run this through the model.  This requires dissecting and enhancing the current model to match the property you are valuing. 

Other responsibilities involve market analysis.  Since Pennybacker focuses on the Texas markets, the intern will usually build graphs and tables representing the Texas market.  For example, I built graphs and models displaying the changes in investments in Texas real estate from the year 2000 to 2014.  Pennybacker uses this information to understand which markets they should remain in, move into, or exit.  Prior to the internship, I had little to no knowledge of real estate.  I have been taught so much of the industry and absolutely love it.  As far as a time commitment, I am in the office every other day for roughly eight hours per day.  I was able to learn a substantial amount from the internship due to the high number of hours I spent in the office.   

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