Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Pro-Secretaria de Communicacion Institucional, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC)

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Production Intern and Sound Assistant
Position: Government and Radio-Television-Film Senior

Vuelta en U is a news program within the Prosecretaria de Communicacion Institucional at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. Other areas within the department include Nexo and Hoy en la Universidad. The news program is located in ciudad universitaria in Pabellon Argentina in Cordoba, Argentina.
This internship is suitable for people who are interested in social justice issues and those who have an interest in TV and film production. The ability to speak, write and read in Spanish at an intermediate level is necessary since all forms of production, research and interviews are done in Spanish. Filming equipment is limited to 3 professional camcorders and all editing is done on the Adobe Premiere editing system. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator will be beneficial for those interested in editing and working on special projects.

An intern will be exposed to many different discussions on contemporary Argentine issues. It is important that an intern have a basic understanding of what issues are affecting Argentina since most segments will focus on that. Interns will never appear in front of the camera and the duties depend on what major projects are being worked on. Interns will be expected to do some basic editing, research, translations from English to Spanish and occasionally shoot. Since the program has a limited amount of resources (computers, cameras, camcorders, microphones) an intern should not expect to be able to use the equipment with ease.

It is important that an intern take a proactive approach at the internship. Interns should try and learn the schedule of the news program as soon as possible. Depending on the interns interest, they can ask for special assignments that are related to the topic segment. An intern will be exposed to all the different aspects of a news program (brainstorming, research, interviews, shooting, editing). Interviews take place either on location or at the studio that is owned by the university. An intern that has a laptop computer and camcorder might want to consider bringing it with them because it will provide them with more opportunities to work uninterrupted (Vuelta en U might even put some of the editing programs on your computer for free but it is not guaranteed).

Interning abroad is both an amazing and challenging experience. An intern must be resilient because most likely the work ethic and time management are different from the United States. An intern should also be prepared to give their thoughts about different issues and things that they have observed.

Check out the Córdoba Internship Program to learn about Argentine internships.

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