Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Reaud Capital

Fall 2011

Student: International Relations & Global Studies Senior
Position: Research Assistant

An internship at Reaud Capital is a slightly unconventional internship. I’m not sure that it will be easy to acquire as I was ushered in by someone I know. At the moment I am the only intern at Reaud which means everyone else is older, established, and has either an  MBA, a J.D or both. While this might be slightly intimidating at first the people are unbelievably nice. The atmosphere in the entire office is very laid back. While there is no specific dress code everyone wears what I like to think of as your typical Austin business attire: blue jeans, tucked in button-up shirt, boots or dress shoes, and an optional blazer- no suit necessary. As no one at Reaud works on an hourly wage, they keep odd hours. I generally came in around 9 or 10am and left around 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll most likely be sharing an office with someone. This isn’t a problem as no-one smells or anything and they’re more than accommodating. Your tasks at Reaud will vary from day to day and week to week, but they’ll primarily be research tasks. “We’re looking into a company that’s doing XXXX. See if you can find some information on it” or “We’re looking into purchasing XXXX. Let us know which we should buy.” These tasks are usually pretty broad and require some discretion and when you’re done you simply send out an email with a spreadsheet or any other accompanying documents reporting your findings. As the youngest person at a small firm you’ll sometimes be asked to do things like bring up the drinks or something, but they never take very long. You’ll have more than enough opportunities to meet everyone both professionally and socially and there’s even a tailgate for every home game. You’ll also be able to meet important business people, district attorneys, and even judges. It’s overall a great experience.

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