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Liberal Arts Career Services

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Summer 2011 Site Review

Semester: Summer 2010
Student: Government Junior

This summer has been an absolute blast interning at Rove and Company. I have enjoyed the city, people, and environment that D.C. offers it’s visitors. If you are thinking about interning on Capitol Hill, DO IT! You will not regret the incredible experience.

A typical day begins at seven in the morning. I get ready for work and eat breakfast. I have to be out the door by eight fifteen to catch the metro, the subway of D.C. I take the subway about 15 minutes and then transfer to a bus for about five minutes and arrive at the office by nine. I begin by checking the mail and email. I sort both the correspondences via the mail or email, and direct them accordingly to the office. I then usually get a few tasks to complete by lunch, which vary from mailing packages to researching topics. Researching has been fun for me, actually. I have enjoyed searching for answers and hot news topics of the day. I even was able to go to the Library of Congress for a research assignment! It was incredible. After lunch I am given a few more tasks, but mostly research. I have really found that I enjoy doing these research tasks, and each one has deepened my knowledge as a government major.

Living in D.C. is incredible, yet expensive. So again, if you are considering moving to intern or work on Capitol Hill, make sure you come with a larger bank account or search for scholarships! I was able to find a scholarship, which has been wonderful because like most internships in D.C., it is unpaid.

My responsibilities for my internship ranged from typical intern tasks like answering the phone to researching topics and news. I can really see myself living here in the future as well. I find that the city is much like Austin and full of political minded people like myself. I highly recommend coming to D.C.! There is always something to do, people to meet, and places to see. You wont regret your decision, I promise.

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