Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

RYLO Consulting

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Latin American Studies Senior

An internship at RYLO consulting has many duties including updating lists of information on specific politicians, lawyers, and community leaders from different major cities in Texas. My bosses are consultants for political campaigns and non-profit organizations. There is high importance in the work that the intern does, because interns lay the foundation for the major assignments the consultants have to complete. Our research has to be accurate because politicians use the information you provide. Most of the time you will be providing the consultants with briefing memos which are used to prepare a politician to meet with someone who can provide a lot of money to their campaign. You will probably have to research some of Texas’ richest citizens. In addition, you may also fulfill requests for call sheets in which you will have to provide information for people politicians need to call in order to convince them to host a party for their campaign plus donate on the side. There are also major lists such as organizing political action committees from major metropolitan cities to even organizing peoples affiliations with certain organizations. Many of the lists revolve around updating due to the changing situations on the political spectrum. In addition, you will also have to help out at events with the non-profit organizations RYLO consulting is involved with. There are multiple organizations that will have many important people attending that will increase your chances of networking. In addition, you might be invited to luncheons where you will be able to meet democrats with similar interest and goals in politics. All in all, you will learn more about politics and the inner working on how to get funding for the goals politics and non-profits try to accomplish.

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