Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Sony / ATV

Summer 2017 

Position: Insights & Reporting Intern
Student: Economics, Government Senior

An internship at Sony Music’s headquarters is a really awesome experience, especially for those interested in the music industry. First, the building’s location is in the heart of Manhattan, adjacent to Madison Square Park. They relocated to this building about 5-6 years ago, so it is very new and has state of the art technology. The modern design definitely adds to the intensity of working in one of the most successful music companies in the world. The halls are covered with signed pictures and records of some of their greatest past and present artists, ranging from Beyoncé and Adele, to Elvis and Michael Jackson, to name just a few.

The building is home to their three main labels, Columbia, RCA, and Epic, as well as floors for Sony Pictures, Sony Entertainment, and countless other departments. I only really worked the labels so I never ventured to the floors when serious conversations went on regarding Sony pictures details. Fun fact, since the recent Spiderman movie is Sony Pictures, there were some awesome VR simulations in the building for Spiderman as well as the original costumes and props from the recent summer release.

Intern responsibilities vary depending on department, but most are pretty hands-on and involved which is awesome considering many internships unfortunately are just composed of getting coffee and not doing substantial work. 

My hours were 10 am to 6 pm, but some days I would stay a little later to get a little more work done. Most interns in the building have similar schedules, but hours can vary depending on department/supervisors. I have a handful of projects each week for different artists that we represent or award shows that they were performing on. In short, I would analyze data we gather from their social media platforms and assess how they are performing, what is performing well, what regions of the country are talking about them the most, etc.

Summer 2012 

Position: Music Publishing Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

A day in the life of a Film and TV intern at Sony/ATV Music Publishing is a busy one.  It involves some of the stereotypical “intern” type work you would expect, but most often it involves fun and interesting projects on a daily basis.  Just being in the office and witnessing firsthand the day-to-day operations that go on at a publishing company is a great way to learn about the industry.  Most of the time, we work with the internal system called Tempo. Through this software, the interns are able to be a vital part of the process of licensing songs for film, TV, video games, etc.  The licensing process begins with a quote request from a music supervisor for the use of a song (which is owned by Sony) in a movie or television show.  The appropriate member of the Sony team then sends a quote to that music supervisor. Once this is sent, the interns are responsible for entering the quote information into the Tempo system which is used and accessed by Sony employees around the country and the world. Negotiations on the song use, rights, and license fees between Sony and the clearance company then go on until an agreement is reached and the song can be used for the specific project.  This predominantly makes up most of the daily tasks for interns at Sony. Occasionally, however, we are able to help pitch songs from Sony songwriters to the various projects that come in. Some of my more exciting projects involved reading a script and giving feedback on what songs should/shouldn’t be used in the film, planning lunches with Sony’s more popular songwriters, and going to live shows to check out Sony artists. All-in-all, working for Sony this summer was an incredible time and all of my hard work led to a job offer from the company!

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