Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting)

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Public Relations Intern
Student: International Relations & Global Studies Junior

Working at a geopolitical news and analysis publisher is very exciting because your responsibilities are constantly changing and evolving at the rate of the world’s news cycle. It is essential to always be on top of your game and in-the-know.

This past semester, I arrived at the office located in the Chase Bank Tower on 6th Street at approximately 12:30pm after class each day and had a quick run-down of the morning with my boss, Kyle.  Depending on what was going on, I had different duties and tasks, but for the most part, I was able to self-manage my priorities. There is never a day that is just like another I take care of all incoming calls and e-mails- some days I get calls from foreign embassies and some days I take our analysts to the studio where they are interviewed by CNN anchors on live television. It’s safe to say that Stratfor has about 30-40 interview requests per week from major media outlets around the globe and it was my job to sift through these and ensure that each request was handled appropriately by responding to the reporters.  This can be an interesting process because each request is unique and it takes awhile to nail down who we work with and what topics we can appropriately cover.           

Another aspect of my work is finding stories that we have published and feel strong enough about to pitch out to reporters. I do my best to keep track of who is writing on certain topics, what they are saying and if we have something new or insightful to add. This helps keep our pitches personal and useful to reporters rather than contacting them with huge e-mail blasts that are not of interest to them. I collect, track and analyze STRATFOR’s publicity every Friday and create reports to show the efforts of the department and areas where we can improve. My latest endeavor has been to help build and manage STRATFOR brand and reputation using social media like Twitter and Facebook.

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