Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Strike for Cause Jury Consulting

Fall 2012 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

A day in the life as an intern at Strike for Cause usually begins with a coffee run. Coffee in hand, my supervisor usually likes to start by responding to emails and revising Voir Dires that have been returned with the lawyers’ initial impressions. We’ll then draft invoices and construct new Voir Dires. Whether my supervisor can’t type or chooses not to was never totally clear, but either way typing things for him gave me a chance to observe the thought process behind Voir Dire writing and even allowed me to put in my own two cents every now and then. My supervisor is a huge fan of lunch meetings, so he’ll often meet clients at restaurants and I tag along whenever I can. This has been a great opportunity to meet other Austin area lawyers and get exposed to various personalities as clients. Post-lunch, he’ll often have a client waiting for him at the office to do witness preparation in a more private space. I usually sit in on witness preparation and take notes. After this, I’ll usually do some filing and books and work on ideas for questions for our next Voir Dire. Robert will usually meditate during this time and then look over my ideas afterwards. While not a whole lot of my Voir Dire usually makes it into the first draft, it helps me to get into the mindset of the case for when we go to court to pick a jury for that case. We’ll usually wrap up the day by responding to more emails that have built up throughout the day and updating my supervisor’s master to-do list with what needs to be done the next day in regards to invoicing, speech writing and scheduling.

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