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Liberal Arts Career Services

Teravista Golf Club

Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Golf Shop Intern
Student: Economics Junior

A typical day as an intern at Teravista Golf Club is never dull and always busy. As a premiere daily-fee and semi-private course in the Austin area, we do anywhere from 150 round on a slow day, to often times on a busy Saturday, more than 250 round. Therefore, there is always something to do and jobs to get done.

As an intern, sometimes it is your job to figure out what needs to be done, and then do it; it’s not always spelled out directly for you. I believe that is one reason I was such a good fit for this internship: I can find something that needs to get done and figure out a way to do it rather than bothering my managers with asking a million questions.

There were 3 types of shifts that I worked this semester: an opening shift, closing shift and “swing” shift in between the two. As an opener, you had to often arrive as early as 6:00 AM to get the golf shop ready and going for 6:45 tee times; this included counting the cash drawer prior to the first transaction, unlocking all doors, etc., opening up the club for regular play. Once people started arriving to play, it was up to you to essentially run the golf course. The opening shift ran until 1:00, where the closer would come in and work until about 9:00. The closing shift included a lot of the same activities as an opener, just in reverse at the end of day, as well as filling out the nightly cash deposits. The “swing shift” ran anywhere from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

In addition to running the course from the Pro Shop, as an intern, I almost always had a special project to work on: a different one just about every week. One week it was analyzing the most recent marketing campaign we ran, and calculating just how profitable it was using time value of money techniques. Another, it was setting up a partnership with a UT student living facility to let us advertise there in exchange for prizes at an upcoming function. All of this on top of picking the Head Professionals brain about how he runs things from his perspective, and the General Manager showing me his side of the day, it was a jam packed shift every time I clocked in at Teravista.

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