Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texans Care for Children

Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Early Education Policy Intern
Student: English Junior

As an intern you will be working with an advocate in one of the five policy areas (mental health, juvenile justice, child protection, child health, and early opportunities) that Texans Care specializes in. Typical intern duties include answering the phone and taking messages, sending out follow up e-mails in response to meetings and conferences, as well as making calls to schedule meetings.

What sets Texans Care apart as an internship is the steep learning curve and sheer amount of experience you get in just a few months. You will draft policy briefs and documents called “one-pagers” (short documents that explain what an issue is, why its important, and what some possible solutions are) to be circulated at the legislature. You will also accompany your internship supervisor on trips to the legislature to meet with different staffers, representatives, and senators in order to spread knowledge about the issue at hand.  You might also be asked to contribute to data collection and research efforts pertaining to a policy effort. Texans Care is a great internship for someone who wants to gain exposure to the world of policy as a career field.

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Public Policy Intern
Student: Government Junior

For anyone interested in public policy, social policy, or children’s rights, an internship at Texans Care for Children is the perfect opportunity. Texans Care for Children is a non-profit advocacy group located in downtown Austin that acts as the voice of Texas children in the Texas Legislature.        

The Texans Care for Children office is divided into two segments: a policy team and a communications team. There is an Executive Director that oversees both, and individual policy and communication directors that oversee the respective teams. The communications team is responsible for increasing donor contributions, maintain the website and technological advocacy routes, and ensuring communication between Texans Care for Children and its partner organizations and the state legislators. The policy team is responsible for tracking legislative priorities, advocating at the Capitol, and organizing and facilitating coalition meetings.         

At Texans Care for Children, there are six issue areas that the office staff focus on: 1) Child Welfare, 2) Juvenile Justice, 3) Mental Health, 4) Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), 5) Poverty & Family Economic Security, 6) Infant and Maternal Health. As an intern, it is possible to focus on all of the issue areas, or to choose a specific one (or two) to specialize in.         

An internship at Texans Care for Children involves very flexible hours, typically ranging between ten and twenty a week. It is very easy to work around class schedules and to rearrange hours as needed for special circumstances. As for duties, interns are invited to attend all coalition meetings and staff meetings. Typical duties include researching specific policies, contacting partner organizations, communication with the legislature, advocated at the Capitol, and compiling monthly digests of reports and resources in the six issue areas.       

Texans Care for Children is an excellent internship site as the staff strives to include its interns in the operations of the organization, and to include them as a member of the office team in all aspects of the office environment.

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