Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Rugby Alumni Association

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Financial/Sales Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

On any given week you have a list of responsibilities that are expected to be done during the week. So you have to manage your time wisely to ensure that you reach all of your goals for the week.  Typically, I would go to the office after I was done with class and do whatever was needed of me. Most of the time, I was responsible for keeping the alumni in the loop with what was going on with the team. That included weekly newsletters that were sent out via email, facebook updates to the alumni page and twitter feeds with updates on the club as well as events that are coming up. Doing this every week has helped me learn how to pass on information more effectively in both formal and informal writing.

I was also required to help raise funds for the club by either finding fundraising opportunities for the team to participate in or to call and ask alumni for support. Most alumni are willing to help and this past year the alumni association was able to start an endowment fund that will eventually allow the club to take out money annually and give out scholarships to players to make the club more attractive to prospective players. This is probably where I value the internship the most. It wasn’t any certain skill I obtained but that I learned I needed to put myself out there and have confidence in myself to speak effectively and have a conversation with a person and find commonalities with a person who I have never met.

After talking with alumni you often need to enter their information in an excel sheet to keep a running database of information for the club which means that any money that is donated needs to be recording accurately with the amount and who donated what. Other than those specific tasks, interns are expected to assist supervisors with any other help they might need. Even if it is just to tidy up the office a bit. Through my weekly assignments I was able to learn the importance of simple accounting and how to collect this information accurately.

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