Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Stars Hockey Club

Fall 2011 Site Review

Student: Sociology Senior
Position: Corporate Sales Intern

Typically when I go in, I’ll have a list of tasks that my supervisor put together. In the beginning, I learned several programs such as one that lets me look up sponsor information and another that organizes all information for the hockey games. One of the things I do is reach out to sponsors and gather pictures for the website from them or radio clips to be played during the games. I had to gather their contact information from a program and create personal emails asking for specifics on what we need from each individual sponsor. Another task is that I would be given a list of sponsor activities that have to be organized and entered into a program that lays out all the specifics for the hockey games in a central location. It’s constantly changing so I always have to be on top of updating it. For each home game, I would have to update a live radio read sheet and occasionally I would have to write a read from scratch. Even after learning the main programs, there were still new tasks every day that my supervisor would have to teach me.

I also had to do anything relating to sponsors even if it meant driving out to the storage unit to see if we had Toyota t-shirts that are handed out at every game. I would run errands to pick up anything from the sponsors that would be used during the games such as a giant prize checks and gift cards. So my days would consist of going through the tasks I knew how to do, followed by new tasks that my supervisor would walk me through, and finishing with running necessary errands.

For the hockey games, I had to go in and help with all of the pre-game set up. This includes preparing the live radio reads and running them up to the press box, going through the script with the game announcer, prep work for the intermission games, and making sure the programs and giveaways are set up and ready to be handed out.

During the games, we had to find intermission game contestants, keep the press box updated on what was happening on the lower lever, and make sure all game operations ran smoothly. I would go out on the ice and make sure the contestants knew what they were doing and take out all necessary props for the games. As long as everything was in place and running smoothly then all of the interns could kick back, relax, and watch the game.

Spring 2011 Site Review

Student: Liberal Arts Junior
Position: Media Relations Intern

For the past semester, I had the opportunity to work as a media relations intern for the Texas Stars Hockey Club in Cedar Park, TX.  The Texas Stars is the affiliate of the NHL team Dallas Stars. The Texas Stars are a professional hockey team, playing the AHL, the American Hockey League. During my time with the Stars, I assisted in editing, proof reading and writing post-game news releases that went out to staff members, the AHL and local media. I also maintained press clippings, live tweeted all home games, developed relations with various press outlets and set up and break down the press.   

On a typical game day, I arrive and begin setting up press row. Setting up press row includes cutting nameplates and taping them to their assigned seat, posting the seating chart and placing game notes on each seat with a bottle of water. I then set up the off-ice official’s area of press row, giving them game notes and a water bottle. After press row is set up, I go back into the office to make sure all game day inserts are printed to begin placing them in the game books. After all the booklets are stuffed, I then begin setting up the news release by updating the boilerplate. After the release is finished, I pass out game day credentials, eat a pre-game meal and head back up to press row for the game. Throughout the game, I am watching to write the release for all goals scored. Between periods, I deliver the box score and line-ups to members of the press, the penalty box and the marketing department. After the game is over, my boss looks over the release and makes the necessary changes. After he is finished proof reading the release, I finally send out the release to members of the AHL, staff members and the Austin media.

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