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Liberal Arts Career Services

Thomas W. Schleier and Associates

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Petroleum Landman Intern
Student: History Senior

For my internship this semester I chose to work as a Petroleum Landman at Thomas W. Schleier and Associates. As a landman my duties are focused on the production of oil and gas. I worked as an independent landman for multiple oil and gas companies in order to secure mineral rights for them to drill on. I can help oil and gas companies secure their mineral rights by running title in the courthouses of the various counties around the state. Running title is following ownership of mineral rights back in time from the present to sovereignty in 1836. This is very important because we have to make sure that whoever are the current owners of a piece of property are indeed the true owners. A multitude of different kinds of conveyances occur in the courthouse and a landman must learn how to navigate them in order to create a clean chain of title. After the title is secure a lease can be offered by the company and if a decision is made to drill a well then a landman will double check the title and provide curative for any discrepancies listed in a title opinion provided by the company’s lawyer. It is a very important job and is essential to the oil and gas company because they need to make sure they have their facts right. If they are operating under or on someone’s land who is not the rightful owner or may own all but 1/32 of it then they are liable for a suit. It is a great job for someone in liberal arts because it takes a quick mind, knowledge of history, and the ability to write well in order to succeed. The office is a great place to learn and I have had a lot of help along the way in order to get the skills I need. It takes time to get good but once you acquire an understanding of the business it can be wonderful. I strongly suggest the oil and gas business for liberal arts students.

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