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Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Editorial Intern
Student: Spanish Junior

As Editorial Intern at Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, I have incredible flexibility to carry out my daily tasks as I see fit. I am encouraged to voice my opinions and contribute to any part of the magazine-making process that interests me.  Arriving at midday, I make the rounds to my two bosses, Louie, the editor, and Russell, the managing editor, to ask if I need to do anything specifically that day.  The duties I perform are separated by pre-publication needs and post-publication needs.  We work on each magazine two months before it is sent to the public, giving me more than enough time to finish my tasks. 

At the bare base of the internship, I am responsible for a lot of clerical work.  Pre-production, I spend the majority of my time checking the work of others before it goes into the magazine.  As soon as I get the manuscripts from the writers I put them into a memo form so that it can be sent out to specialists who will check specific facts for accuracy and I make a list of possible photo ideas to be sent out to photographers.  Fact checking articles is what takes up the majority of my time.  I read through every article, highlight researchable facts (names, dates, figures) and then Google search them.  I basically get to look up cool facts all day about the environment and Texas history.  I have learned so many things from doing this research.  When I find mistakes, I make a note out to the side and after I’ve fact checked and copy-edited every article, I turn them in to Russell so he can do the final revision.

Once a month, I sit in on the final production meeting where the entire magazine staff goes through every page of the final product to check for errors before it is sent off to print.  When we receive the final copy, I send copies to state commissioners and writers, update lists of articles concerning different TPWD Divisions and special interests.  The main job I have on this end is indexing, which involves making an entry for each article in an Access Database that serves as a record of all past issues and articles and creates search references.  This is important for the index used for the year’s bound volume of all 12 magazines. 

These are the main duties, but you are expected to create new tasks if you find yourself bored, which you won’t.  Everyone I have encountered has been so helpful and laid back. Louie is very understanding and knows that your classes are your number one priority.  While I did not have the time to write an article to be published this semester, I was given the option from the very beginning and plan to do so as I continue the internship through the summer.  I was also told to work with other members of the staff—photographers, advertising, finance—if I wanted to learn about different jobs within the magazine, which I also plan on doing this summer.  Overall, I really enjoyed my internship here and am excited to see where it can take me. 

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