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Liberal Arts Career Services

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Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Artist Management Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My internship was split into two, regarding what my duties and areas of focus were. The first half of the semester was focused mostly on organization of information and general office activities. The second half was focused more along the lines of digital media, marketing, and tour marketing.

There are four interns, two are assigned one of the aforementioned tasks, and the other two took on the other tasks. Each day, I would log into the interns email account and check to see if there were any projects for my specific departments. If so I would connect with the person who assigned the project, complete the project, and then check back in to see that my work was satisfactory or if I needed to tweak a few things. For the first half of the semester, I worked closely with the head of merchandise and the head of the office (office manager). The tasks I would do for both varied. Most were focused on creating spreadsheets or updating spreadsheets; basically compiling a lot of information into one easy to read file in one place. For merchandise, I would have to take inventory counts on t-shirts, cds, etc from all of our bands, and then create an excel file which contained these results. I would also have to make trips to our storage facility, to do the same thing, but with much larger items. Some other activities I would handle would be taking, filing, and eventually shipping items for charitable donations. I would have to contact the person requesting the items, have them sign a form which stated the dollar amount of the items we were donating (for tax purposes), verify their address and then ship them their items. Updating and organizing our Google calendars was also a project during this session of the semester. Things updated include, travel information during tours, hotel information, contact information, and any other logistical item that was pertinent enough to be known. I also updated our settlements spreadsheet, which contained the ticket sales, merchandise sales, and the contractual amount that was guaranteed to be paid to one of our artists.

The second half of the semester, I worked closely with the head of tour marketing and the head of digital media. When working with the head of tour marketing, my daily tasks consisted of updating artists’ tour dates. I would update their tour dates on their website, their Facebook page (events and tour dates tabs), their Myspace page, and on SongKick (a website that promotes artists’ tours). When working with the head of digital media, my tasks were mainly research projects. The two main projects I had to undertake dealt with Twitter and YouTube. The YouTube project, was researching a related artist’s success on their YouTube page, where was there a spike in likes, spike in views, likes/dislikes ratio, etc. The Twitter project dealt with researching the top thirty artists in our genre, and comparing their Twitter “stats” with our artist roster. By “stats” I mean tweets per day, total tweets, tweet/retweet ratio, follower/followees ratio, etc. Both of these projects were targeted in order to better our artists’ use of their social media outlets, basically breaking down what works and what doesn’t, so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Social Media Intern
Student: Spanish Sophomore

This spring I interned at Triple 8 Management. Triple 8 Management is a full-service artist management company for the country bands and musicians Eli Young Band, Jack Ingram, Joe Nichols, and Kevin Fowler.  Triple 8 Management is considered “full-service” because they do day-to-day management, as well as tour marketing and social media, office administration, and merchandise. Everything this company does is for the musicians’ careers. This past semester was a very exciting time to work for Triple 8 because Eli Young Band won an ACM, and they are about to headline a tour. 

My internship schedule was planned around my class schedule.  I worked Mondays from 1-4, Wednesdays from 10-3, and Fridays from 10-3. Throughout the semester I rotated between the departments, so as an office administration intern I did everything from filing contracts, readings settlements, updating tour calendars, and building furniture. I ran a few errands towards the beginning of the semester because we moved offices. As a merchandise intern I would check inventories, ship off merchandise, and pick up t-shirt samples at the ink shop. It was cool to see how much merchandise they go through, and how it is only one person in charge of all four bands’ merchandise. As a tour marketing and social media intern, I updated the tour dates for the official website, Facebook, and MySpace. I also checked up on each band’s Twitter and kept track of the photos they uploaded. I really enjoyed this department because I was able to learn how to do the coding for the websites and what administrators are able to see on the pages. There was also more responsibility with this department because as soon as you put a tour date up, the whole world can see it, so you have to double and triple check that you don’t make a mistake.

I really enjoyed my time at Triple 8 Management and will actually be interning there again in the fall.  I have learned a lot already, but know there is so much more I can learn about this industry. I recommend this internship to anyone interested in the management side of the music industry. This company definitely knows what its doing!

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