Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), Anthropology Museum

Summer 2008 Site Review

Student:  Spanish Junior
Position:  Education & Communication Intern

At the UNC Anthropology Museum I worked as an Education and Communication Intern. This post generally involved helping provide tours of the museum to school groups, ranging from Kindergarten to High School. To prepare for the tours, it was necessary to organize and develop activities to close the visit, so as to leave the visitors thinking about what they had seen during the tour. I and the other guides would work together to discuss ideas and work out the details of the activity. These would often be arts-and-crafts style activities, so cutting, gluing, and drawing were common tasks involved with implementing the closing activities. In addition to this, I was also asked to translate one of the exhibition rooms of the museum for the English guidebook.

Even though I am not studying anthropology, but rather Spanish and Portuguese, this internship was very helpful in improving my language skills because it required a great deal of verbal interaction with the public and the other people working in the museum. This included people with a wide range of ages (4 to 60+) and professions (professors, students, anthropologists, archaeologists, forensic investigators), therefore the kind of language and topics varied greatly, which was very helpful in developing a large vocabulary and a higher level of fluency.

The atmosphere of the museum was also very conducive to a good work environment for an international student intern because it was more relaxed than an office and allowed for friendly interactions with coworkers. As a result of that, I learned the most about Argentine culture and academics from my coworkers, and also created strong friendships.

Check out the Córdoba Internship Program to learn about Argentine internships.

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