Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

UT Health Promotions Resource Center

Summer 2009 Site Review

Student: Sociology/Women’s & Gender Studies Junior
Position: HPRC Intern

My internship was in the Health Promotions Resource Center, which is a facet of University Health Services. The Health Promotions Resource Center provides outreach, information, and guidance to college students about sex and sexuality, nutrition, and drug and alcohol. I found this internship by asking Guli Fager, the Healthy Sexuality Education Coordinator and my supervisor for this internship, if there was an internship available or if I could be a part of the office over the summer. They did not regularly have an internship position available, so they added me on in the Healthy Sexuality Education Program. My title is Healthy Sexuality Education Intern, the internship is unpaid, and I work eighteen hours every week. Because of my education through the classes I have taken to be trained as a Healthy Sexuality Peer Educator, I was already prepared with the knowledge and skill set I would need to begin assignments within my internship. In this sense, I think the internship is limited to people who already have a solid understanding of sexuality and the Healthy Sexuality Education Program. Some of my tasks included designing a workshop, making posters, and researching other aspects on sexual health and sexuality.

A typical day starts when I came in at 10 AM. First, I would work on any remaining assignments from the previous day, which often included the workshop, since that was a project that took a good amount of the internship to accomplish. Then, I would ask for a new assignment (like developing questions for a sex questionnaire) and work throughout the rest of the day to finish that. I had no “every day” responsibilities, but it was important for me to finish any tasks and manage my time throughout the day. After my tasks were completed and my day was finished, I would leave, usually around 2:30.

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