Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Vision Web

Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior

As a marketing intern for Vision Web, you will learn in depth about software technology used in the healthcare world and how to market it in a way the target clients would find VisionWeb’s technology appealing. Typically, each intern is required to work fifteen hours per week; the supervisor is lenient on which days you decide to work and understands that many interns are college students with academic responsibilities. On your first day of starting with VisionWeb, you will create a company email account, Skype account if you do not have one, and learn how to navigate through Basecamp and Hubspot. You will use Skype whenever you need help; you can shoot an instant message to a worker and he or she will come help you.

After the first week of work, it is your full responsibility to navigate through Basecamp and finish your assigned “To-Do’s” by the appropriate due date. On a typical day, you will write about one to two technical blog posts on an assigned subject. If you are not familiar with a particular term or technical procedure, then you can ask your boss or look it up on the Internet. Usually you are expected to present knowledge of information technology during the hiring process.

Apart from writing blogs, you are expected to work with excel and compile a list of fifty to seventy tweets; you will be assigned blogs to read over and create five tweets per blog. These tweets must be engaging and promote interaction between the company and the clients. Furthermore, for each blog post you create, after the boss has edited your rough draft, you will be responsible of re-typing the blog post into Hubspot and creating appropriate images for the blog post. After the blog is entered into Hubspot, your boss will post the blog onto the VisionWeb blog page. Apart from social media and blogging, you will be assigned to read software technology eBooks and proofread for any errors. Lastly, you will attend weekly staff meetings in order to broaden your knowledge on digital marketing and of the sales tactics used by VisionWeb.

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